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Registration address

1260 E Locust St. Suite 302 Ontario, California 91761,United States

Operation Address

Local Business 702-350-7698
Email info@genabolix.com
Service Email service@genabolix.com
Customer Service customer@genabolix.com



Room 1604,Block B,NewCaohejing International Business Center, No.391 Gui Ping Road,Shanghai 200233,China

Office Phone 0086-21-60904639
Email info@genabolix.com
Customer Service customer@genabolix.com

Genabolix Canada office


1405-5288 Melbourne Street, Vancouver V5R 6E6, Canada

Email: sales@genabolix.com
Customer Service: customer@genabolix.com

Genabolix Europe office


Grensstraat 4, 4645 BS Putte, The Netherlands (Nederland)

Attn: Jan de Heij
Tel: 00 31 (0)164603336
Email: jan@genabolix.com
Customer Service: customer@genabolix.com

Genabolix South Africa office


Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia Road, Sandton, Johannesburg South Africa

Attn: Raj Bachulal
Tel: +27824805900
Email: raj@genabolix.com
Customer Service: customer@genabolix.com

About Genabolix

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Genabolix Lifescience International Co.,ltd was registered in 2006 in Canada. The predecessor of GENABOLIX is Shanghai Yongyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd, which mainly function as the business and customer service center.

GENABOLIX doesn't only provide customers with the best quality dietary supplement ingredients, but also research and formulate the novel raw materials that haven't been discovered yet. Besides these, GENABOLIX offers effective technical supports and professional documentation services to the sports nutrition and fitness industries. With these tools, these manufacturers can bypass the early stage of formula investigation and data collection, thereby just focus on solving the key strategic partnering and operational requirements.

During the past six years, GENABOLIX has always been trying to build up good relationship with manufacturers and customers, and lower the quality and logistical risks to be a wonderful partner in the supplier chain.

Manufacturing Facilities

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GENABOLIX R&D has all the necessary resources to conduct and process researches. More than 50 scientists work in well-equipped laboratories to conduct rapid process of research and development, including synthetic route evaluation, reaction condition optimization, and scale-up trials.

6 Synthesis Labs.
All the compounds can be selectively or randomly synthesized according to the customer's requirements here.
Analysis center.
Equiped With:
Agilent 1200 HPLC with ELSD detector
Agilent LCMS with ELSD detector Agilent GCMS Karl Fischer Titrator
Melting-Point-Measuring Apparatus
UV-VIS, IR, etc.

All Series Reactors.

After the synthesis of milligram (or g) quantity in labs, we can scale the synthesis up to kilogram-scale in glass-lined stainless reactors.
Our reactors vary from 50L to 3,000 L with a total capacity of over 200,000 L.

3 Plants in China.
SFDA-GMP approved , Complying with ISO9001 standards. The production output capabilities vary form kilograms to metric tons.
Taizhou Plant in Zhejiang Province: Engaged in producing API & Intermediates.
Lianyungang Plant in Jiangsu Province: Engaged in producing key Intermediates of Lacosamide , Dronedarone and Duloxetine, etc.
Huzhou Plant in Zhejiang province: Engaged in enzymatic technology of Amino acids.

Our team

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Senior scientists consultant team including Pharmacologist, Physiologist, Pharmacist, Molecular Biologist, Biochemist, Nutritionist, Sports Physician, Organic chemist, Enzyme engineer, Proteomics engineer, Toxicologist, Natural therapy researcher.


Research Team

We have more than 50 research people on various professional topics and project studies each day, from compound screening to toxicology study, from organic chemistry synthesis to bio-transformation study, from vitro-vivo test to clinical research. We're devoted to discover the most effective dietary supplement for top grade athelets, models, body builders, figure shaper and senescence challenger. All the ingredients from Genabolix are carefully designed, scientific theory based and laboratory practiced. We have strict QC standard operation process. We do believe only the science data and test will build up your complete trust in our products.


Project Engineer

The team leader has more than ten years professional experience with the industry evolve gradually and always become the pioneer of innovation tide. We have recently submitted more than 15 various patent to cover the latest scientific breakthrough which can be applied for sports nutrition, fat loss, anti-aging which fill customer piperline to face future challenge in the market.

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